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Resource type Interactive starting points for problem solving in undergraduate mathematics
An innovative and sustainable online bank of starting points for problem- solving, presented in an interactive, visual and engaging way that will nurture mathematical thinking, logical processes and modelling. The starting points will permit a range of teaching approaches - individual, small group and whole class. They will be fully functional on a range of digital technologies including handhelds. These resources were created by the project Problem Solving in Undergraduate Mathematics (PSUM) and are available via Nrich. This website is not made available under a Creative Commons licence but is freely available to UK universities for non-commerical educational use.
Resource type Teaching Problem-solving in Undergraduate Mathematics
The purpose of this Guide is to argue the case for putting problem-solving at the heart of a mathematics degree; for giving students a flavour, according to their capabilities, of what it is to be a mathematician; a taste for rising to a mathematical challenge and overcoming it. Its purpose is also to make it easier for colleagues who share our vision to find ways of realising it in their own teaching. This book was edited by Matthew Badger, Chris Sangwin and Trevor Hawkes. This document is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives (CC BY-ND) license.