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Resource type A Guide to Puzzle-based Learning in STEM subjects
This report is part of a project funded by the Centre for Learning and Academic Development (CLAD) at the University of Birmingham. The objective of the project was to develop new learning resources to enable staff working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to incorporate puzzle-based learning in their teaching. This guide to puzzle-based learning accompanies a selection of mathematical and logic-based puzzles, grouped by mathematical topic and approximate â??levelâ??, as judged by our experiences. It is written to provide advice to staff on how to adapt such puzzles for use in their subject at the appropriate level(s). Badger M., Sangwin, C.J., Ventura-Medina E. and Thomas C.R. (2012) A Guide to Puzzle-based Learning in STEM Subjects, University of Birmingham,

Research Papers (1)

Resource type A Report on the Feasibility of Mobile Devices for Mathematics Learning in Higher Education (sigma)
This sigma CETL report by Chengliang Hu presents an investigation into the educational potential of mobile devices in supporting mathematics teaching and learning. (2007) The zip file contains the full report and all appendices.