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mathcentre community project

encouraging academics to share mathematics support resources

Over the years, many lecturing staff and students have drawn our attention to topic areas in mathcentre which might be developed. Others have informally offered to provide resources.  With the support of the FETLAR project, we have established the mathcentre Community Project which provides a mechanism for the mathematics community to contribute high quality resources to mathcentre enabling the volume and scope of material available to support students to increase significantly. Those wanting to establish or develop maths support at their own institutions will have access to a dynamic, growing resource base.

mathcentre Community Project contributions may be seen here and associated source files here.

resource wish list

Users of mathcentre have indicated, through the mathcentre User Survey, additional resources that they would find useful.  These have been collated on a Resource wish list.

If you would like to contribute a resource or add one to the wish list, please contact us at Please let us know if you intend to share your resources to avoid duplicates. 

contributing resources

If you wish to contribute a resource you have authored, you will need to arrange for it to be reviewed by a suitably qualified colleague who will be named on the resource. The resource should be submitted with a Creative Commons licence, keywords and other metadata to enable it to be found easily on mathcentre. This information should be supplied in the Excel template. LaTeX and word templates containing the mathcentre Community Project logo have been created to ensure a common layout for written resources.

We are working on creating new LaTeX and word templates. Please email Emma Cliffe for more information.

Submissions and mathcentre Community Project enquiries should be addressed to:

The mathcentre community project is supported through FETLAR.

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