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Completing the Square - 15 January 2015


I'm just messaging to tell you that I stumbled across your resource explaining Completing the Square and that I found it thorough and massively helpful. I now understand the concept fully.

Thank you for making such good educational material available freely for all.


Praise! 8 December 2014

I just wanted to say I’m blown away by the quality of the content and structure found on your website.

If I’d only find it before, nevertheless I will share it with all my friends and family. 

Thank you! - 26 April 2014

Just a line to say how much I have appreciated the resources of the maths centre web site.  Although I am (was?) a London U maths graduate, I left mathematics many years ago but now find myself helping a very bright student with A level mathematics.  ....  Not content with just showing him how to differentiate, I am still a mathematician, it seems, because I wanted to teach him about differentiation from first principles and your resources helped me to do that.  I have found them so useful that I am using your tutorials as a basis for our mathematical discussions, which might be characterised as free ranging! 

Brillant - 23 February 2014

I did my ONC Engineering at Loughborough Tech in 1978, oh if only we'd had these modern resources back then!  I stumbled upon your website mathcentre whilst checking out indices and have been glued to it all afternoon!  It's a pity that you didn't call it maths centre, but nevertheless it is a fabulous resource. Thank you and well done.

20 February 2014

This is great and a real help as I am starting a Msc in structural engineering and it's been 10 years since I last did any maths.

30 July 2013

This site has been very useful in my studies. I found math hard and tricky but finding this site has made all the difference. Now I am enjoying the process of learning the math I need in preparation for starting my degree and would like thank everyone involved in the site so cheers for  making my learning experience enjoyable again.

mathcentre - 11 March 2013

This website is awesome. The instructions and guides are pratical and so easy to follow. Its been a great help brushing up my skills and sorting out the random bits of maths knowledge left in my head from school 15yrs ago. It is definitely making my uni maths unit a lot easier to cope with.

mathcentre - 25 October 2012

I think mathcentre is a brilliant resource. I haven't used it much in the last year, but used it a few years ago to improve my basic algebra. It's great for quick revision of material which I've lost familiarity with since leaving school / university. I've just revisited the mathcentre website after showing it to a colleague who wished to improve her maths skills.

mathcentre - 26 March 2012

It is a wonderful resource that I recommend frequently to students - our Maths Learning Centre could hardly function without it - a huge thank you and congratulations to all involved, the resources are simple, clear and well-designed.

mathcentre resources - 25 January 2012

Ideal resources that we steer students towards, especially HN Engeering students. The short videos are fabulous- we can use them to support our own material by providing links to them on our VLE pages.

Videos - 24 May 2011

I would like to thank you for this wonderful resource. It has helped me to get through my maths exams in the first year of my electrical engineering course and has continued to help me in my second. The resources along with HELM have made certain that I will complete my course, especially as prior to this study I have only O level maths to rely on.

Thanks - 12 March 2011

I am last year IB-diploma student in Denmark and I really like the resources provided on your website. It is very professional and academic which is what makes it unique and different from other tutoring websites.

mathcentre Videos - 7 January 2011

I wanted to express my pleasure regarding the course content at mathcentre. Although all of the material available is certainly more than helpful, the video lectures are extraordinary. The care that has gone into their content and pacing is obvious, so much so that it makes the experiences I've had as a student in traditional settings look inferior (I speak not only for myself but for the struggles I've seen over and again regarding my fellow students). Math should (I would argue must) be taught methodically and clearly. You and your colleagues have accomplished that. No small feat!

The mathcentre - 31 March 2010

I am a 50 year-old father of a 10 year-old son. I have been helping him with his maths, so far from memory of my own school days. Although I do have avery good long-term memory, things had started to get....difficult.
Then I found your site on the net. I would like to say thank you! I can only wish that you had been my teacher at school. Maybe now I will at last find a use for the area under the curve! (Actually, I am about to lay lino in the bathroom and the toilet pedastal WAS giving me some trouble, but...NO MORE! Once again, a big thank you.

Thanks for mathcentre! 15 January 2010

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for providing the resources at mathcentre. I'm a PhD student at Leeds, trying to learn the economics I need to do the analysis I want to complete. As well as some private maths lessons, I've been using mathcentre to plug holes in my learning (I dropped out before A level). I'm now about to start an OU course - mathematical methods and modelling.

The teach yourself booklets are brilliant. I've bought books to help: they're all very pretty, but actually not particularly great. I've found myself sticking to the stuff on your website: it's considerably less patronising, but much clearer for that, and always aware of what a distance learner like myself needs to know (small things so often missed.)

mathcentre - 14 January 2010

I am writing to thank you so much for the free online materials for maths.  I am taking an engineering course and got a bit nervous about the maths, so thank you so very much.

Thank you - 12 January 2010

I would just like to express thanks for such a wonderful website.  I am currently 34, in full time employment with family commitments and in the first year of  a distance learning BSc in Banking & Finance.  At the moment I have been struggling with my first unit in mathematics.  Having achieved a GCSE grade C sixteen years ago, to say I have found things challenging is an understatement.  Yesterday I discovered your wonderful website and in a short period of time it has provided me with fantastic information sheets and videos on cubic equations & polynomials (the recent brick wall I had come up against).  Your resources have given me real hope of success and a renewed enthusiasm for my studies.  I can’t thank you enough and hope that your excellent work can continue.

Differentiation - 4 January 2010

Just to thank you for your brilliant explanation of differentiation on the Math Centre website.  I am 50 and studied A Level maths in the 70’s (very badly!)  My daughter is at Manchester Uni studying for an MEng not having done any A Level Maths.  No-one had actually explained the concept  of differentiation to us before, nor described the language used. Your ‘lesson’ has switched lights on for both of us. Having taught primary maths I know how important, and how confusing, the language and notation of maths can be – and clearly so do you, although on a different level.

Permission to link to site? 29 December 2009

The real reason for this note is that I am writing you to ask permission to both link to your material, and I would like to use some of your material (directly off your site) in conjunction with my high school Alg 2 course. 

mathcentre - 17 September 2009

I’d just like to say that this resource is brilliant and I use this with my mathematics classes as the subjects are easy to understand and well presented. I also refer them to the iPod downloads. 

Lecturer, Science and Technology

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